Jakarta Hairy Ghost

This story happens not in Singapore but in Indonesia. As most people have heard Jakarta in Indonesia has numerous places that are haunted and there are also quite a diversity in the type of ghost for eg there are the Kuntilanak, pocong, tuyul, etc. This time i am about to tell the story of yet another type of ghost called the Genderuwo ( aka Hairy ghost ). It was around 2 in the morning, as usual i am still awake because of my bad habit. sitting in front of the computer typing away just like what i usually do every night. i was looking at the window of my balcony as i was thinking what else should i write for economic report. when all of a sudden i heard a clanking sound. i was seem like some can had toppled over outside my balcony. it was rather windy that night so i moved on.

around half an hour later i heard like there was someone kicking a can outside my balcony, and i could also smell this weird smell of this leaf called kemiri when burnt. so i decided to investigate. i creep up to the entrance of my balcony gently. i can feel a slight tingly feeling in my stomach just like when i get nervous. i slowly opened the door, pushing it little by little. i can only see the darkness of the night filling in the shade of my balcony. i tiptoed on to the balcony floor and saw a can of paint on the side of the balcony. suddenly, i felt something hovering me over my back. i gently turned back, to my utter amazement or horror, i saw a huge creature. It was more than 2 m tall, it was very2 big, it was pure black. i couldn’t see its face as it was covered by its own hair. i just froze there for about 10 seconds. i was glaring at this creature.

i was shivering in fear and went straight to the door of the balcony that leads to my room. as i ran, i turned back but the creature had vanished from the balcony. i just ran back in my room then turned on all the lights, then creep inside my blanket and i shut my eyes as hard as i could fearing i might see that dreadful creature again. i have never seen that creature again until now, but once in a while i can smell its scent, as long as it doesn’t bother me, i guess i would be fine.

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