One Island At Batam

Now my story begins…its happen to me about 5 years ago….at an Island at Batam name “Pulau Belakang Padang”..

My family had a house at that there, my house was rumah atas air (means water up house).

At one night after perform mum and dad went to bed for a while..and they went to their bedroom. I was too bored and I decided to go out and decided to seat and read the HOLY QURAN. When I was reading the quran focusly (I did’t remembered about ghost at that time)….I hear a woman voice says “Adik…sini…”(which means sister come here..) The voice comes from my neighbour house which was so dark (my neighbour was not at home). I thought it was juz my imagination.. so I continued read the quran..but the creepie soft voice always continuely saying..”Adik…sini..”. Now I felt so scared.. I tried to find where the sound come again..still at my neighbour house which was so dark…

Firstly I thought the children was playing hide and seek..but I think again..there was no children want to hide at such a dark house!!! And the voice juz like calling me.. And the soft voice calling me again coz there was no one outside except I felt so scared..

Then I decided to go back to my house..before its too late for me… But when I was walking to go in my house…th voice dissappeared but it changes to PONTIANAK LAUGHING!!! It was so loud…. The pontianak laughing continuosly..but still I cannot see the pontianak.. but I knew that is Pontianak Laughing…the Pontianak laughing was so eerie. I was too scared now..I shout…”Mak!!!!”(means mother) My mum asked me what happened coz my face was too pale..My mum gave me a glass of water to relax me…and I told what happened..

Untill now I promise to myself not to be alone at the dark……. If I want to go to the dark..I need someone beside me….. Till now, I still remembered the Pontianak Laughing!!!!!…………..

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