Ghost From Indonesia

My family has just returned from Indonesia a week ago and as Muslims, we have few prayers before entering our house. However on the day of our arrival to our house, we forgot and it was dawn at that time.

As we were very tired, we went to bed early. I dreamt that my sister was being disturbed by a spirit. I woke up perspiring. Suddenly, I heard my sister crying. I rushed to her room and saw a figure sitting next to her bed. She ran to me and we both went to our parents’ room. When my parents came to look in the room, the figure was not there but the temperature of the room was cold. Then, we heard laughters. We could only pray.

So this is a reminder…..Say your prayers before entering your house cos you never know whether there is something following you. I suspected the ghost must have followed us from Indonesia cos we went into a ghost house.

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