This happened to me 6 years ago, during a visit to my relatives house in Indonesia, at a nearby island off Batam.

There is 2 more stories happened during the visit to this place, but let me tell you one first..

During that time, there was no TV & no electrical supply, so what we did normally after 8:00pm, was that we will either sit outside the verandah or talk among each other through the window. Since the house I am staying are just next to my friend house, I would normally stand outside the verandah, while both of my friends talk to me by their kitchen window.

But there was one night, I began talking to my freinds and I noticed someone passing very fast, right in front of the house. The wierd thing was that, there are no lights and the viewing was quite clear. I couldn’t see who, but just continue talking to my friends. And now, that thing pass by again from a different direction. This continue for 3 times until my friends realised that something was wrong with me although they couldn’t see that thing for the wooden window shutter covers their view.

They asked me ” What is wrong with you “..I just answered back in ” Oh nothing.. ”

On the 5th time, I told myself that, who the hell is that, playing me out & wanted to freak me at this hour, for this time i’m going to see who you are..

So on the 5th time…as fast I could catch my eye on it…… I saw a white cloth flying ! That was the thing which was playing me out…passing to and fro. My face changed and I shivered. My friends asked me what happened but I just said I tell you tomorrow & as fast as I could, I dashed in the house.

That night I slept next to my mother. I did say out some Holy words, but still I couln’t sleep.

The next day, I told my friends about it. They told me to inform my parents about it for they belief that it you saw spirits – good / bad, sometimes these thing may follow you home. So, after I told my parents about it, I was asked to drink this water from one of my relatives whom said some prayers on it. I learnt my lesson, not to stay out late at night alone.

Till today, I can still remember the sight of that thing.. This is not a story I create myself, for this really happen to me. I prayed to God (Allah) that nothing bad happened to me after that incident.

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