Holiday Or ‘Horrorday’

My friends and I got this great deal for a 4 days 3 nights stay at a resort in Bintan (i don’t think i should say which). Anyhow, this resort comprised of villas. Ours was a 3 bedroom villa where the living & dining room and kitchen were downstairs and the bedrooms were upstairs. Basically, as accommodation allowed it, we 5 friends went ready to have a splendid time.

Nothing wierd happened the first 2 nights. However, on the 3rd day, 2 friends decided that they were going back that same evening. Nothing the rest of us could do to presuade them to re-think their unexpected departure.

Later that night, the 3 of us sat in the living room chatting, when my guy friend suddenly said to me, ” Let’s go to sleep now ” (even though it was just 10p.m. usually we stay up till like 3 or 4a.m.) ” and err… we’re sleeping in your room tonight!” Before i could raise any objections at this boisterous command, he added ” don’t ask any questions, i’ll tell you guys upstairs.” My gal friend (who was also his girlfriend) and I refused to budge unless he gave us a solid explanantion there and then.

Finally, he wrote on a slip of paper: “I saw pontianak”. Ok! That was a good reason. Anyway, we just went upstairs to my bedroom in shock, saving all our questions for later. When we settled down in my room, my guy friend described what he saw:

” Earlier when we were in the living room, he went to the kitchen to wash his hand, during which when he looked out the window, he noticed a lady in a white flowing dress ‘floating’ beside a tree less than 10m from our villa. Although it was dark outside, one of the ground spot-lamps was shining in that same direction where the lady was. The added light made his vision clear enough for what he would notice next. Her long hair covered her face, so he was fortunate enough to be spared from a possible horrific sight. Looking down her white clothed frame. He realised that she had no legs and was indeed suspended in mid-air.”

He also to explained to us his rationale for what he did and is about to do that night:

1. He was worried for my safety, which was why he felt that the 3 of us should stick together that night. And why they chose my room was because it was the master bedroom and it had an attached bathrooom and TV. Very clever.

2. He was going to smoke in the room because he believed that pontianaks react to smoke like we would to acid.

3. We were going to leave the lights and TV on the whole night to scare away the pontianak with noise and glare.

He being our only Malay friend around, we kindda left things in his hands, since he would seemingly have more knowledge in dealing with a ghost born of malay culture. I was skeptical at first at his sighting, but believed that he had no reason for pulling a fast one on us.

Weird stuff happened later that night. Both my guyfriend and galfriend heard steps going up our creaking staircase. They didn’t think too much, assuming it was me going to get a glass of water from the kitchen. Also, they realised that our room door had been left ajar when in fact, we had it locked before going to bed. More over, they were sweating buckets despite the aircon. The next morning, while talking about the past night’s events, I mentioned that i had not gotten up at all. I was dead fast asleep the whole night. Also, strangely i was feeling very very cold, and i kept tugging at the blanket. How could they be feeling so hot?

Hours before we left Bintan, we made small talk with the employees at the resort and to our amazement, when the subject of our experience the previous night was told, they weren’t the least suprise. Apparently, Bintan being a village before, was no short of such hauntings. Moreover, cemetries were aplenty in the island. And we just happened to be staying behind one! They even chipped their own encounters in the resort and stories from the neighbouring resort.

Upon coming back to Singapore, i retold this take a hundred times, and i got different explanations for each one of them.

1. The ghost who was eyeing us ever since we arrived had decided to make an appearance on the night when 2 of our friends left. Feeling less intimidated at the fewer people in the villa.

2. It was probably attracted to some sort of bad spirit or bad blood. And guess what, one of my friends who left earlier had a period that very same afternoon before we left. Her sanitary napkin was still in the bathroom bin (since Housekeeping did not cleam the villa yet) when the pontianak was spotted.

3. In the bedroom, i was sleeping closest to the room’s door, so maybe when the spirit enter the room and lingered around the side of the bed, i felt the chill most!

4. Also as an after thought, i must say something about the Villa’s furnishings. All the glass doors and windows in the villa were draped with an authentic wooden blind that didn’t serve its ususal purpose. At night when the blind was done. People passing by outside were able to look into the villa and get an extremely clear view of the inside, while people in the villa could see nothing of the outside. (My friend discovered this on the 1st night there and warned all us girls to watch it when we change or clothes or had our shower.) However in the morning, it was the reverse- People in the villa had a great view outside while people on the outside were unable to look in.

At first, we were all criticising this weird design of the wooden blind. But thinking about it now, the designers aware of the island’s hauntings were probably trying to shut our eyes from the “beings of the night”.

What do you think?

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