The Apartment

I don’t believe in ghost; that was five years ago. But now i do. It was in 1996. I was stationed in Jakarta, Indonesia for two years. I loved the place, the rich cultures & the people. Being young & independent drove me to venture on my own. I had a well paid job, my own personal driver, a maid & a beautiful apartment complete with a swimming pool. What more can a person asked for!

But that was about to change. After two months of living in the apartment, i had a personal visit from the previous owner of the apartment. It came & stayed in my room. At first, i tried not to jumped into conclusion that i was faced with a ghost. I was in denial.(most of the time).

This so called spirit would disturbed & shaked my bed when i’m sound asleep & for the first time in my life i felt a presence that was so strong & eerie. You have to really be there to experienced it yourself. I never been so scared in life before. At that very moment, i just wanted to head straight back home to Singapore.

That was not all, the haunting continued. I found my maid trembling & pale after work the next day. She was so shaken up that she begged me to let her go. She told me that she was slapped while she was cleaning my room & that the door was shut behind her as if refusing her to come out of it. Then she heard a women’s laughter. My maid did not came back after the incident. I was on my own.

That was not the end of the story, when i’m watching t.v. in the living room, i can hear laughter & voices along the corridor where my room was. Sometimes, when i’m praying, i can even felt that someone was watching me & suddenly, the room became so cold.(it’s not the air-con, mind you!) The air-con in my room was not even switch on!

Weeks passed, it kept distubing me, i could not even concentrate in my work. It would slammed the door, flushed the toilet & even had the cheek to frighten my friends away. I never felt so lonely in my entire life. I called my mom & she suggested that i prayed more. I did. It did not seemed to work. I was angry & scared at the same time. The spirit was indeed controlling my life!

I was determined to stay in the country & the apartment. So i invited an ‘ustaz'(a malay pious man) to move the spirit away to somewhere else. He came & said prayers around the apartment. As he did that, he stopped & stood at the entrance of my room, & said ” It’s here, most of the time, not one but two”. I was shocked ! “Two what?” i asked. Two pontianaks & they doesn’t want to go, it’s their home, he replied.

I don’t think it’s a good idea living together with them. Would you? That was the last straw, i was not going to gave up that easily. They just have to go & find a new place. Which indeed they did, of course with the help of the ustaz. Ever since then, the haunting stopped. I was glad it was over. I went to see the management of the apartment & he told me that the apartment was built on an old village cemetary & a tenant who was back from his business trip wanted to be asked to changed to another unit. He told him that he felt uneasy in his apartment. I am pretty sure ‘the pontianaks’ had shifted to his unit. Which was just above mine. What do you think?

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