Kampong Dog Barking

I have a story to share but nothing creepy because I am not good in giving creepy stories.

All young children usually have sensitive body because they are pure, especially true 20-40 years ago.

I used to stay in a large “kampong” in Singapore every weekend and school holidays before I turned 11. That was in the 80s. “kampong” was built in 70’s.

The land was huge, 1 ha? Or 1 acre? (which ever is the smaller si unit) it is a brick and wood house have 3 bed room, a TV lounge and 4 door sliding door as main door, there is a huge altar there with several doga. Based on childhood memory. So i think house size is 170sqm? Plus outdoor and separated kitchen 60sqm.

There is a outdoor sheltered dining area, and a separated kitchen room. And there is 1mx1m well there too. That well was pretty much my science assignment as there is all sorts of water plants there which i could use for primary school science project .

There is a dog…oh..i miss him.

Enough of the background, my earliest memory staying at that “kumpong” house was 4-5 years old.

As it is “kampong” style house, there is a tall step into the rooms, about 0.8m in height, and the floorings are black thick wooden boards that can be removed, where u can use it as storage below. Its hard to describe further unless u stayed in one before. So it squeaked with any movement on the floor board.

During day time it is fine. When night falls, i dreaded. Especially i have to wake up to go to bathroom. This terrible feeling started when i was 7ish. Before that it was ok.

The feeling was extremely terrible for some nights, waking up at midnight going to toilet was a dread. I didn’t want to wake mum up. So, like another kid, i rub my jade pendant & put in my mouth and run to toilet

there were some night i woke up to saw my 3 year old brother looking at me with nee-doo, i ask why u no sleep? “sheee sheee” orrrhh go lor. *shook the head*

u also scare..*nod nod* i also we go together.

Each movement gives a squeak, which squeak frighten both of us. It goes on for many years, until at one point it dreaded us so much that we told our parents we do not wan to stay overnight for weekends anymore. No matter how fun it was over there to play.

The kind of fun today children will never understand. Those days where have TV and computer games.

Interesting thing is the dog sometimes cannot stop barking during evening meal times or late at night before we sleep. This dog was with us for years, he is very smart and never unnecessary bark. It was always barking at the ac unit outside the living area that is right beside the bedroom.

Even during the day, instead of lying down by the well i mentioned earlier, he love to stand around the ac unit. Looking at it. Dog pass away when i was 11.

It was few years later, when i was in secondary, the “kampong” put up a from proper Thailand monk to stay for some time, as he needed a place to stay for free.

Then we knew that there was always a female ghost in red sitting on the ac unit and always there whenever we stay over.

Monk say that she meant no harm. She pass by the place one day and decide to sit by the ac as and when she liked but the aura greatly disturb the place so he had ask her to go. Out of curiosity, my dad ask, so how long has she been there. Monk was quite zhun, give the years. My dad a non-believer told us during dinner and that rituals was performed by the monk as token of appreciation for putting him up. As the kampong was a very good place to mediate.

Then i told my dad, well, i felt super uneasy from that year onward, so monk was telling the truth. My brother also say ya lor, it was damn scary at night for dunno what.

So whenever a dog bark the same way my old dog did, i knew there is bad aura ghost wondering around. It is a very different kind of barking if any sensitive person is observed.

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