Bind Before Casting Out

First a brief introduction of myself. I’m 31, have worked in the retail industry for about 10 years and come from a really holy and devout family. I currently live with my parents in Yishun. This story I am about to tell happened in 1984. At that time we used to live in Spottiswoode Park. We were one of the first people to move it to that neighbourhood in 1976. It was and has always been a very quiet area and most of the people who stay there know each other. My flat was on the 21st floor and faced the railway station and further down, the ocean. I could see Sentosa and a few other islands from my hall and room window.

One night , my sister(24) was asleep in her room and at about 3 am, she felt like someone was pressing down on her and she found it really hard to breathe. She said later that it actually felt like someone had his hands on her chest and her throat pushing down. She opened her eyes but could not see anyone there. She tried to pray but found that her words got jumbled up. She could not pray and felt that some evil presence was very near. She tried to pray out loud again but not a sound was emmited from her lips. She was petrified. She forced herself out of bed and ran to my parents room and woke my mom up and told her what had happened. My mom who is extremely holy, told her not to be afraid and accompanied my sister to her room and lay down beside her. All at once my mom too felt the evil presence and sat up in bed. She said very loudly and forcefully, “In the name of J****, I cast you out of this house.” and she flung her hand toward the window. All of a sudden, the whole family was awakened by a loud bang outside the window. We all rushed to the window to look outside and found that a car that had been travelling toward a dead end in the road in front of my block had actually been lifted by some mysterious force and flung over a fence at the end of the road, which now leads to Gan Eng Seng School. The driver of the car could be seen sitting on the stairs on our side of the fence in a daze. We found out from him the next day that the very minute my mom flung her hands toward the window, a huge force hit his car. The door opened, he fell out and the car went flying over the fence.

My mom spoke to a priest about this and she was informed that should any evil spirit be cast out, it should be bound by the name of GOD first. That way, on its way out, it would not cause any harm to anyone in its way.

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