Blk 275A Jurong West Street 25

This is based on a true story that happened when i was living in my old apartment in Blk 275A Jurong West Street 25…

My apartment was on the fourth floor and directly facing an eerie looking tree.(pls note that the tree was not the problem) When my family first shifted in, everything was ok and we love the place as it was a peaceful neighbourhood and we had a good time in the house.

Then it started, my sister was the first one to be affected by it. One night while sleeping she said that she felt someone waking her up. She told me that by instinct she went straight to the window and to her horror she found a figure without head was sitting on the swing at the playground (her room faces the playground and our hall faces the spooky tree). She just froze when suddenly the thing stops swinging as if it realises my sister was watching her. She then quickly snapped out of it and went to my mother’s room to sleep.The second incident happened to her was one day when she was watching tv with me late at night, she said she saw a white shadow dashing pass from my mother’s room to my room. As i’m not a believer of the supernatural, I just brushed it aside.

My mother too experienced a similar encounter while she was taking a nap in the afternoon. She felt that someone came and held her down. She claimed that she saw a black shadow but was too blurry for her to figure out what it was. She prayed hard and soon after it was gone.

The final one that we had it was when my sister got slapped on the back by something. She was studying late into the night when she felt something slap her hard behind. She started to get sick after that so much that my mother got scared of the house.

Soon after that my father decided to move out from that place and we shifted out of there. After a few months, i met my neighbour one day in downtown and he told me a spooky tale abt the house, it seems that there were 3 families b4 us and they all shifted out of the house in lesser than 2 months and the second family did all the renovations but never shifted in. We were the longest staying family there as we stayed for almost 2 years. I asked him why he had not told us this earlier and he claimed that since we indians were generally pious, he had a strong feeling that whatever that lurked in that house must have gone away. But i guess he felt it was not the case after I revealed to him our encounters.

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