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I actually heard this story from my cousin-in-law during my grandfather’s funeral about two years ago. However before I continue I would just like to share an incident which happened during my grandfather’s funeral. As I am a Chinese , you know how we have quite a complicated funeral ritual.

The Chinese believe that the dead person’s spirit actually linger around at his or her own funeral until the process is finished. I am poorly informed of such complex things but what happened on the last few days of my frandfather’s funeral was that there was this priest who scattered ashes on the floor.Apparently the ashes was meant to have human footprints or animal footprints. If a human footprint appears it would mean that the dead person will be incarnated as a human in his or her next life.If it was an animal’s footprint then the person will become an animal.

Well , what happened was freaky because after the ashes was being scattered a few seconds later footprints appeared on the ashes. My grandmother told me that it belonged to my late grandfather. That was really freaky.

Another story which pulls more weight in terms of paranormality was told by my cousin-in-law.

One morning at about 3am her friend was at home sleeping and was awaken by someone knocking on her apartment door. She got up and opened the door but there was no one there.However as soon as she closed the door , she heard her father calling her to open the door. She thought it was just her imaginations getting to her as she had just awaken and was still rather sleepy. She opened the door again and there was no one there.After about half an hour , she went back to bed trying to fall asleep again , the phone rang.

She was informed that her father was involved in a motor vehicle accident and had passed away. He died at about 2 am.She told her relatives about this incident during her father’s funeral and they said that it was his spirit wanting to go home.When someone dies , his or her spirit is unaware of what is happening and will carry on normal life for a short period of time until they find out that they are actually dead. SHe did not want to believe it at first but she recalled that the time the knockings was at about 3 am but her father was already dead by about 2am.There was an hour lapse. How could it be?

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