Blk 303 Tampines Street 32

There are lots of strange things about my house and I would like to begin with my first experience…

I live at top floor of a 4-storey HDB flat at Blk 303 Tampines Street 32. The strange thing is, every night, I would hear furniture being moved above the ceiling and mind you that i’m living at the top floor. Sometimes the sounds of marbles bouncing across the ceiling could be heard followed by the sound of a bowling ball rolling across the ceiling.

Another strange thing is the flat next door is empty and it has been like this for years. Whenever i’m in the room studying, I could hear some thumpings on the wall. Even my brother who was with me heard the thumping sound. I used to think someone is trying to test my patience so I would usually knock back on the wall and strange enough, the “person” replied by knocking back. There was this one time when I got frustrated and I took a hammer and started hitting the wall wildly and suddenly there was a moment of silence and suddenly there was a really loud thud which sounded as if the “person” is really angry.

There was this one time when my parents were sleeping in the master bedroom when they heard this loud thud under the bed and even I could hear it from the next room. At first they thought it was the lizards but no lizard could cause a thud like that.

Recently we could smell a weird but sweet fragrance across the house and it usually happens at night. So one day I decided to wait for the smell to float across the house again and when I could smell it, I took note of the time. Now everytime at 9pm sharp, the whole house will be filled with that fragrance and its damn weird. I have no idea where its coming from.

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