Blk 615 Bukit Panjang Ring Road

Actually this story of mine happens in bukit panjang about 15 years back. At that time not many people have shifted to bukit panjang and there were many empty flats which have already been built and erected. My family happened to be among the ‘pioneers’for that new plot of land .

Late one Saturday night , I was walking home after catching a late movie at orchard rd with my friends. It was my first ‘late night walk’ since i move in to my new place there. While i was passing thru a cross road junction near my flat, i actually saw a figure waving at me from a window of an empty flat (4th floor) across the road. I could not make up whether it is a man or lady as “he or she’ seemed to be sitting at the window ledge wearing a loose white robe. At first i thought it could be some one i knew in my new neighbourhood. However, i start to question myself, who is on earth will wave his/her hands at me from an empty flats at 11.40 pm. My hair starts to rise and i felt chilled suddenly, so i hurried home by walking at a very fast paced, saying prayers and without looking up at that flat anymore.

Then, when i reached my flat void deck, i smelled a jasmine flower fragrance. i immediately rush to take the lift and press the button and while the lift is about to close, suddenly i saw a lady in soiled white robe sitting at the other staircase (which could be seen from the lift view). I regard her as a ‘she’ as i saw her hair was messy and very long(touches the ground). She smiled at me and wave one of her hands at me and the other hand was carrying something. She started to glide towards me. At that point the lift door closed and i start to pee on my jeans and say my prayers continuously for safety while i was in the lift (at that time, HDB lift has no urine sensor and it was a case of unintentional. When the lift open, i sprinted to my house shouting at my family to open the door. I woke my neighbours up and my dad gave me a scolding that night.

I panted and narrated the incidence to my dad. He started to take wudhu (ablution) and recite the quran that night. I couldn’t sleep that night as the incidence kept on recurring on my mind. I shut my room windows closed and pulled the curtains.

This incidence also happened to my elder brother a few days later while he was rushing back to NS camp on late Sunday night for booking in.

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