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This really happened to my dad. Couldn’t recall exactly when but I received a call from my mom late one night asking if I can go home straight away because dad is behaving strangely and claimed that he saw a lady at the corner of the bathroom when he went to take a leak. I told my mom I would love to go but I’m really terrified with all these strange encounters. I told her to call my Uncle to gather a couple of church members over to “take care of the situation”.

Few days later, things sort of cool down. I later learnt from my mum that actually my dad has behaving strangely few weeks ago. One night he was in a trance as if something was trying to enter his body. He yelled for my mom telling my mom he is in pain. My mom immediately went on her knees to pray, during the course, my dad asked her why are there so many “visitors” in the house.(Since I moved out, my dad and mom lived by themselves.) The ‘thing’ went away eventually. My mom told me one of those nights after preparing dinner she will ask my dad to the table. That particular night, she didn’t because dad was sound asleep and she didn’t want to disturb him thinking he would be probably be very tired. She was watching TV when dad woke up and asked her if she had woke him up earlier. He claimed that someone was thugging his ankle – he thought it was my mom.

After a few prayer sessions, things sort of cool down. They renovated the 2 bathrooms to make them look brighter. The old dark tiles seem to darken the whole bathroom previously. My mom told me later that dad also claimed that he felt a lady next to him for almost a few nights during his sleep. This was also the same lady that appeared in the bathroom. Mom asked him if he had brought any stuff home lately that probably invites all this “unclean things”. He said no but he later recalled that there’s this beauty wooden carved sculpture of a beautiful maiden around his workplace. During his break time, he would admire and touch the sculpture and comment that she’s very beauty. The shopowner trying to make a sales persuaded him to get the sculpture. Knowing that my mom will nagged him for spending money again, he declined the shopowner’s offer. Well it seems that the ‘lady’ has followed my dad home and soon left because she knows she not welcome. God is still great afterall.

So, the moral of the story is, don’t anyhow touch things especially wooden craft because it’s believed spirits live in them. Also don’t leave a house empty too long-it will invite unwanted guests.

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