Is She My Mum

This story i’m going to relate to you is about spooky behaviour from my parents. One morning around 9.00am i woke up to find my mum looking at my pile of magazines that was lying at the side of my table as well as going through the drawers.

Well nothing Unusual right? I supposed she was looking for something as normally thats what she would do in my room if she lost something. But this incident was strange. She was flipping through my magazine, every single page of it…which i didn’t mind of course.. but its not like she had great interest in those mags, you know what i mean? Skateboarding mags?? Or some punk zine or a car mag??

As soon as i was rudely woken by her presence I asked her..”mum can i help?”.. at that instance she turned to her side and walked away, while she was walking to my door (sliding door.. jap style) i pulled out an cheeky/ugly face at behind her back.

As she was half way between the door, she suddenly stopped and turned around and stared at me as if she knows what i was doing behind her. I was spooked man I tell you, there were these strange cunningness in her eyes. Then she close the door but i was still sleepy go i went back to sleep. After a while I got up and thought about what had just happened and so I went to see my mum who was in her room happily drinking her cup of tea reading the newspaper .

So I ask her whether what actually was she looking in my room just now? And guess what she said? She said she was never in my room the whole morning! I then told her the incident and she totally denied it. Then who the hell was it that was going through my drawers and magazines!!!!!!

My mum then brought me to some bomohs and she said it could possibly be some wandering spirits that is trying to take the image of my mum to create misunderstanding or mistrust in our relationship. Well i can tell you that this spirit is trying to do so, she had failed because my relationship with my mum is excellent to this day.

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