Someone Call You Out

Have you heard of stories about people going home at night, walking through quiet lanes or quiet stairs hearing people calling them out? This friend of mine told me how she got spooked once when she was walking home from Tampines MRT to her block which was about 20 minutes away. She said she was walking below the MRT track and it was about 1230am and as it was a week day, there wasn’t a single soul to be seen. So what happened was as she was walking half way through her walk, suddenly she heard a soft spoken “hello hello”. It was believed that if someone ever tap your shoulder from behind, never turn your head to look behind, instead turn your entire body. This is due to the blowing off your own lights which we all are suppose to have one at each shoulder. Well then so is it safe to turn out head and check out who it was if we hear someone calling us?

Normally if a spirit is indeed calling out to you, there are only a few reason why it is doing so. First, you may had “disturbed” his properties without realising like stepping on his offerings or peed on him accidentally. Second, they may need your help as it is believed that people who got murdered and then body disposed without anyone knowing, their spirit will continue to lingers around that area because no proper burial services and rituals had been done. Third is you are probably down on your luck and they see it as a chance to get something out of you such as possessed you. Fourth which is the most unlikely reason that is you had crossed path with them in previous life and as such, they are coming to seek their revenge.

So will you ignored it if you were called in the middle of the night at a place where it is damn spooky? Or do you believe that people who are going home at that time are tired and therefore hallucinated the sound in their ears?

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