Bio Lab

That’s right I’m gonna talk about my school’s infamous bio lab now. So brace yourselves cuz it’s gonna be a scary one. Back in ’98 while having my sch camp, me ‘n the dudes wanted to take a shower at the ground floor. That’s the best place to shower already as the rest of the toilets really stink alot. Well, the toilet we bathed in was directly opposite of the bio lab. The lab’s on the 4th floor and we were on the 1st. My gd friend and I finished washin’ up first and sat down at the gym area fer a rest. I was talking to him and not knowingly looked up to the 4th floor, I didn’t notice anything at first, but I realized that all the other floors’ lights were off, all ‘cept the 4th floor. I asked my senoir (my gd friend) why is that so and he told me that it’s cuz it’s haunted at that level. And as he tells me more and more about it, he finally revealed that the bio lab’s really dirty in a sense that a white figure is always spotted at diff. areas of the 4th level in the technical blk. (the strange thing is, I realized that alot of such cases happened at tech. blks)

The story behind it was that a mother had her unborn baby removed and the foetus was placed in a cylinder in the lab, kindda unbelievable but I don’t see any better explainations to it. I still don’t believe it myself up till now. Many sightings were made since then. And another thingy is that the skeleton in the bio lab moves at night. Unexplained things like these really bugs me sometimes. *Hahaha* Well, that’s all. Hope you this story freaks you out. Don’t use the bio lab in future folks unless you have business there.

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