Commonwealth Ghost

Every year without fail, we would have camps. Last year, something strange happen. The story goes like this.

I was told by my friends that we would sneak out in the midnight to share our ghost stories. I waited very long but my friend did not come. I was angry but scared too. I waited all the way till 3am and decided to give up and go back to sleep. The next day, I asked them why they did not turn up. Then, they told me what actually happen last night.

Last night, 4 of them went to the empty classroom to meet me but i did not turn up. They then went to my classroom to look for me but i was not there too.They then decided to look for me because they are afraid that something might happen to me. Finally,they saw me in the 5th level toilet. I was washing my face then. BUt when i clear of the bubble on my face, it wasn’t me. It was the guy who meet an accident last year and died(everybody knows his face because he was in the papers and he was a very populaR guy before he died). My friends then ran out of the toilet.

I then remember that i did talk about this DEAD guy and i joke about him and mentioned some of his rumours. I never ever dare to offend the DEAD after this incident.

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