Third Floor

When i was in secondary one, my school had an 3 days oreantation camp. The first night, we felt so boring that we had nothing to do. My friends asked me to join them smoking in the third floor toilet that nobody had go there before.

Before we went to the toilet, we asked our teacher for permission. We desperately step on the staircase . While we were walking briskly on the second floor, i suddenly heard somebody crying. It’s sound like baby crying. I asked my friend whether they are listening. They said they did not heard anything. My body are shaking when we step on the third floor staircase.

“C’mon guys, let’s go another day. I felt really scared” i said. “If u scared, don’t follow us. Don’t be a chicken. We are by your side. Don’t be afraid” Shafiq said. So without thinking, i follow them to the third floor leading to the toilet. It was very dark and we almost could not see anything.

We felt like running back to the first floor but we felt like very hard to run as if we are in the swimming pool. “Redhwan!Redhwan!where are u!” i shouted. I felt like i was the only one there.

Luckily Shafiq was around and grab me toward the classroom nearby. When we ran inside the classroom, the door bangs hard. We are terrified by the incident. “Where’s Redhwan?” i asked Shafiq with a trembling voice. “I don’t know” he answered me back. “Maybe he’s in the toilet” i said. So we when out of the classroom searching for him.

While we were searching for him, we saw a boy(we thought it was Redhwan). We then called him. His face turn to us. He was smiling. He looked almost like Redwan. He was running away from us. We tried to catch him. He was fast. When we trying to catch up him, he looked at us and giggled. He jumped down the staircase and we heard a bang. We went down the staircase. We saw a kind of old school short with a bloodstain on it. We looked at each other. “Where’s the boy go or Redhwan go??” Shafiq said.

“Hey u two! Where are u guys going?? You said u are going to join me smoking. You two are bluffing. Damn you!” Redwan said angrily. “Redwan, where are u just now??” we asked him.” I was in the toilet smoking.”

Shafiq and i were confused. We thought the boy was Redwan. “That’s mean the boy was….”Shafiq said, “A ghost!” I continued his sentence. “What ghost??” Redwan asked. We told everything to Redhwan.

Tommorrow onwards,i dare not go to the third floor alone at night.

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