Humming Lady

Several years back, I was a student at a recognised secondary school in Tampines. I was a librarian at that time & had to attend a library camp. It was more of an educational camp than a fun camp.

Anywayz, one of the days, we juz finished our lessons & were given a long break before dinner. So we juz hang out in the library juz chatting & gossiping…girls…i mean wat else can we do right?? At the same time we were listening to Kenny G’s cd. The students love Kenny G so much dat they kept repeating the tracks.

A few of us and myself thought of taking our baths. We gathered our toiletries and headed for the toilet. We thought of taking a good shower. A proper one. All the while, we take very quick showers using hoses or pails in the girls’ toilet cubicles. So since we have a lot of time, why not use the staff ladies toilet. It’s occupied wif proper bathing equipment.

As we were walking towards the female staff toilet, I heard someone, a lady to be precise, humming. After straining my ears, I could make out she was humming the theme from dying young. I asked my frens if they heard any humming. They said no. After dat, I started observing them. I thought they might be playing a prank on me. All the while, the humming continued but it came from none of them. Anywayz they were chatting amongst themselves.

As we neared the toilet, the humming became even louder. This time, it came from inside the toilet! I wasn’t satisfied so i placed my ears on the door. True enaf, someone inside was humming. It was soothing yet eerie. I knocked on the door telling whoever is inside to hurry up coz’ we want to use the toilet. After that, the humming stopped.

After knocking for wat seems like ages, we gave up. Whoever is inside must be having a good bath dat she forget that the toilet does not belong to her. In the end, we use the girls toilet.

When we returned to the library, I asked the senior in charge if she knows of anybody who’s using the female staff toilet. I told her that she was being inconsiderate. Guess wat she said?

“Ohh…dat toilet is locked since day one? Nobody could posibly be in there.

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