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This story was told to me by my religious teacher. But this story is regarding her friend,N, who is studying in Malaysia’s institute. As this institute only consist of girls, this place is believe as a ‘keras’ place or so-called haunted. This is believed this ‘things’ wanted to test the girls faith and strength.

So, one night, N and her other friend, C, had planned to study together at the canteen of the campus at around 2 o’clock. While waiting for the time, they tend to sleep first, while waiting for the time to study. When both of them are sleeping, N was awake by her friend, C, as she said that it is time for them to go now. As they are studying, sitting at the canteen’s bench, N’s pen dropped.

As N bent down to picked the pen up, she noticed that her friend,C, had no legs. When she got up and trying to pretend that nothing happened, her ‘friend’ came across her face and said, “You know already?”

Without any delay, she ran and screaming like hell and get back to her room. Only, to find that her real freind, N, is soundly asleep.

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