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Ever wondered why some pple juz seem to encounter the same experiences as others? Or why you seem to think that ghosts are associated with evil?

Let me juz enlighten you on a few things….ghosts are only the undead who either have been banished to roam the earth without going to Heaven; or they are juz spirits looking out 4 their love ones.

I heard from my cousin that the band room in ITE Tampines is being haunted by the spirit of a small girl. He said one day when he was having the orientation 4 first yr students, his fren and him hide to scare the students…when they waited 4 half hour…no1 was seen coming or heard. Then both of them heard a girl screaming. My cousin tot that is was his other fren(Mazlan) who could act like a girl…he didnt think that it was sumthin else. Later on the teacher told them that the orientation finished half an hour ago…and that Mazlan was in the theatrette all the time. Who was screaming then? In conjuntion with this story…My cousin was having a camp in the campus and his group took a picture…..later on…a small girl was seen in the background….How?

Sometimes a small room in a JC or POLY is used 4 Muslims to pray…and sumtimes my cousin would feel the presence of sumthing else in the room standing close….

Other than that…i haven’t witnessed any ghostly encounters…and i DUN intend to. I only give my prayers to them, hopefully they rest in peace.

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