Stories About BVSS

I spent 4 yrs of my secondary school life in Bedok View Secondary, (Somewhere near Tanah Merah MRT Station). Although i never experience anything strange or unique, i heard quite a number of stories about this school.

Story #1 – Toilet of technical Block There’s a toilet on the first floor of the technical block, any bedok viewers, they should notice that this particular toilet was locked for years. Why? From my seniors, it was heard that a school staff had entered the toilet and never came out again. The other staff and teachers have tried looking for him in the toilet but he was not to be found anywhere. After this incident, the principal was informed and the toilet was out of bound to all. I , myself have tried asking teachers why was the toilet locked but they all gave me a “fake” reply, I could see that they are hiding something and they aren’t telling the truth. I look a peep into the toilet once b4 and it was very clean and dim. Hmmm, jus hope to hear the truth one day.

Story #2 – Air Rifle Range OK, about this air rifle range, it was rather an old story i heard from seniors long ago. This air rifle range was said to be Haunted, once there was a guy, he stayed back in the range after the school training to practice alone as he had a big game the next day. He had shot his rounds finished and he proceeded forward to the target to get his target slip ( i dunnoe wat it is really called ). All of a sudden, he was shot in his back. The strange thing is that, No one was there except him. Then second thing was, 6 pellets were found on his back and were all in a straight row down. 3rd, as u guys know, for each fire, a reload must be made, but when those 6 pellets were fired, no reload was made either, strange huh?

Story #3 – Home Econs Room This is rather true and it was experience by many of those people from the uniform group. Once, Ncc group were have school camp that day and the girls group were having a night walk. When they walked past the Home Econs room, they could hear the sounds from the sewing machines and babies crying… eeeee, so scary.

2nd incident was made by the Npcc group, this very good friend of my lead a group for a nite walk. When they were outside the staff room, opps was the Home Econs Room, they saw the light of the home econs room were on all of a sudden and then after a while, it when off again. They stood there and glance to see if anybody was exiting the room but there weren’t cos the doors were shut all the while. Many other groups have experience this light thing b4 and many stories about student comitting suicide was heard again.

Once, 2 person a group were assigned to take a night walk round the school. THen, this particular group of 2 were the only group that past the home econs room. Just Outside the room, one student just got some kind of possesed, the possesed student with stiff eyes and pale face, started to chase his partner, want to bite him. In panic, the other student ran back to the porch to seek help from the teacher. After the teacher have caught hold of him, he was finaly back to himself. He had no idea was happen during that time.

I think thats about all, choose to believe or not is up to you, but try to avoid these stuff i should say, it’s scary feeling will taunt u.

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