My Lonely Friend

My friend , named Kader was a good friend of mine and my parther … But he was always being bullied by some of my classmates. (He called them “Mat” ) They loved to bully him and mock at him. But the sad thing was that …. he is gone. Last year , he was knocked down by a oil tanker while crossing the road. BLood ozzing out from every part of his wounds and his limbs seems to be “flying over the place”. He was brutally killed by the “Monster” and many passer-by saw the frightening incident.

During the next few days, many of us sensed “something” unclean eyeing at us, we were extremely frightened and even told our form teacher about it.

Until one day, when all of my classmates were gone, I heard something. Abruptly, I noticed “it” he looks horrible. His head was spilled into half and I noticed something more horrified …… he had no limbs! And of course, he smells of a rotten corpse.

I was startled but remained calm. He seems to be telling me something. I did not panicked and in fact, I when towards him. He told me that he had lost his hands and legs and wanted me to help him retrieve them.

Chill ran down my spine, I dashed out of my classroom, trying to avoid looking back. I heard echoes of laughters behind my back and this made my legs turn jelly.

I ran home from my school to my home within a short time and was panting while in the lift. “Oh shit!” I saw his reflecting on the mirrors of the lift’s door. He was coming closer and closer to me, and the stench was stronger every move he made. I let out a loud cry, I closed my eyes and started to pray ( as what I had read in some ghost books) I prayed hard and hoped that he will leave me alone.

I opened my eyes, and spotted him behind me. “This is frightening!” I keep on telling myself it was just a dream. Until the second time where I opened my eyes, I saw him fading …..

It took me days to forget this incident and until now, remembering the strong stench , make mi wanna puke and probably goosepimples too!

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