Black Magic Make Up

I would like to share about something I heard from my aunt. You know brides will always strive to look the most beautiful and radiant during her wedding. In my culture, we get a special makeup artist called the Mak Andam [sorry, I don’t know the literal translation].

The Mak Andam doesn’t do makeup like all other. No. When you put on makeup yourself, it’s basically to hide imperfections and make your skin look great. Nothing more. But with the Mak Andam, you’d be able to be perfect. Everyone-staring-at-you-wishing-they-were-either-the-groom-or-bride perfect.

Their secret? They use specially blessed tools. In my culture, we believe in a lot of things and black magic is one of them. To not discredit the other good practitioners, there are some who try to earn a decent guilt-free living. Others, not so. When they make the bride look beautiful, they get a higher pay for it. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

My aunt told me of her friend who works just like that. She keeps a supernatural being with her. Making up the bride is a normal procedure but if the bride requests to look drop dead gorgeous, the friend would tell the being to possess her and the bride will get as she wishes.

Big money, yes, but there are cons. For example, the feeding of the being.

Believe it or not, my aunt’s friend lets the being sleep with her husband. The man is, of course, none the wiser, thinking that the woman is his wife. Gross? Somewhat, but that is the price to pay. Yes, the wife is sitting/standing at one corner watching it happen.

Btw, the being is actually the all too famous Pontianak. Long hair and white dress and all. We call her Cik Pon to be polite.

I’m actually kind of afraid to get pregnant and have children because I heard that she will go after you and your baby. =/ I dunno how true that is but my mom’s had experiences.

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