Blood Transfussion

This story happened a few years back…. I’m working as a nurse in a well known maternity hospital before the hospital was shifted to a new building near by. I was doing night shift on that day. A baby was admitted to our unit and need a blood transfussion. While the blood was being transfused, I continue to do other work. On and off I will monitor the baby to make sure that the transfusion was going on well.

After an hour during the transfussion, I was so shocked to see a blood dripping from the syringe of blood (that was near to the baby) to a window near by. I called The rest of my friends that was on with me. We checked again to make sure that the connection of the tubing was tight…we were definitely sure that there was no human error!

We were so scarred that night and the rest of the baby never give us any peace that night too….either they just can’t stop crying or the monitor keep on alarming for no reason….

To who ever or what ever ‘it’ is please don’t do this to me again…! Go to the blood bank they have plenty!…………………………..

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