Trip To OCH

I got a story to relate to u guyz. Once my friends and i decided to ghost hunt in the old changi hospital. As it was the Hungry Ghost Festival, it was a great idea instead.

Finally we reached our destination. We are in a cluster of 6 people. So we walked up the stairs and there goes out expedition. The first stop is to the mortuary. When we reached there, it reeked of blood and this appalling stench of dead bodies weren sniffed in by our noses. YUCKS !!!! But the mortuary was obstructed by this large door preventing us from getting in. And to be safe, we dedcided not to get in the mortuary maybe due to some reasons they blocked the mortuary entrance .

And i decided to split into cluster of 2 people, so there are 3 groups. We set off and explore in 2 persons . I tried shining my torch in every nook and corner of the room hoping to catch a glimpse of something but to no avail. There’s nothing. Both of us are dissapointed .

After we are pooped out, we decided to meet back at the bus stop opposite the hospital. So all of us would share what we encountered during our expediton. One of the group told me that they encountered some doctors performing autopsy in the autopsy room. But the faces were dark and they did not approach closer in order to have a greater view. They confessed that its a little errie.

The other told group told me that they stumbled upon a dark figure which was at the end of the corridor. They tried approaching nearer but the figure vanished out of a sudden. But i was dissapointed that i did not encountered anything exception for some stench all the way along .

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