Old Changi Hospital Trip

That day was my best’s friend’s birthday, we have a wild day at KTV at Outram Park. I don’t quite remember what bus we took to go to the Old Changi Hospital. By that time was night time already. One of the boys(8 boys & 2 girls)suggest to go to the old changi hospital as a “visit”.

At first my best friend & me disagreed with it cause we think it it not right to disturb the “things” there but they say we are chicken so we have to put up with it & go with them. The stairs seem endless by the time we reached the entrance we are breathless. 4 boys in front of us and 4 boys behind of us as a kind of protection. It sound kinda of stupid. Anyway when we go in, we saw a satan sign on the floor which maybe is people drew one. Things kinda of turn weird…air are so cold all of the sudden, i kinda of scared already but no choice that we are up already. Then i start to hear people cry, sound very spooky kind. By that time, i am very scare already but i don’t tell my friends until we are going down. One of the boys(his family are mediums) also look weird cause i think he heard what i heard. I told the boys to go down first as i got something to tell them. At first, they were angry with me that they have to go down again but when they saw my look they knew something was wrong so they went down.

We reached down already i told them not to go up anymore cause i told them what i heard. At first, they don’t believe me. Then one of the boys i mention above say that what i say is true. He heard that too. They ignore what i say and went up again leaving me and my best friend at the Old bus-stop(no more in service). The boys say if anything wrong just call them, all of them carry handphones.

They went up already, things start to go wrong again. We were at the bus stop waiting for them. Behind us was a camp but no one lived or were there. My best friend and me were so scared, all the sudden we heard a laughing sound so loud that even deaf people also can hear it sound like a woman sound. We start to panic but we must act like nothing happen cause we scare that thing will come for us. I had a handphone so i call my friends but none of them picked up the phone. We can’t do anything but to be calm.

About 15 minutes later, the boys came down. We asked them to go home and on the way, we got things to tell them. As we were all in the bus already, we started to scold the boys why they never picked up the phone. They reply us say that none of their handphones rang at all. Both of me and my best friends were shocked. We told them what we heard. By then, we were all so scared that i swear i will not go there again.

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