Blue Horizon Condo

I know this may seems truly unbelievable and I know I will be sued from owners, but I just got to get this off my chest. Something strange seems to be going at this condo.

I moved over to Singapore late last year and fell in love with Blue Horizon and rented a 2 bedroom unit there with my wife and 2 yr old daughter. It’s got a lovely view overlooking the park or greenery and my wife and I absolutely love it.

Things seems to be going well for the first months we stayed there. However, I still remember the date exactly on a night in April. I woke up in the middle of the night, hearing a loud snore, naturally I turn to my wife, however the snore does not come from her and I was damn scared out of my wits. I mean what in the world causes that???Thinking it was my imagination, I shut my eyes and it stop. Feeling relived I thought to myself that its cause I was tired and stuffs and the snore was from her.

The above is just the first of the series of episode. Few weeks later, our daughter woke up in the middle of the night screaming and crying loudly in her room, my wife and I manage to pet her back to sleep on that night however we were puzzled as she always had been able to sleep throughout the night and we were very surprised by her anecdotes, but the thing that puzzled us, was that after a week or so, of waking up in the middle of the night she told my wife “mummy someone beat me” I thought she was trying to play a fool however true enough the next morning we found some marks on her buttocks and inner thighs, marks like scratch marks. At this juncture we were more mad than scared or anything like that as she’s our precious daughter, but we could not imagine who in the world does that as my wife is a stay home mum and she looks after her, never letting her out of our sight.

After that our mental torture does not end there, again I remember the night exactly as it happen on night of the Champions league game when Liverpool was playing against AC Milan, I was staying up to watch the match. Blue Horizon has those kind of full length when you can have a good view of the surrounding. Anyway my unit faces a roof top garden on top of a car park, those kind of sky garden. After the match was just about over, I looked up of the window and saw a figure loitering on the roof top, being puzzled more than anything else as to who would be there in the middle of night, I moved closer to my windows to have a closer look and what I saw really scared the shit out of me! I notice the figure does not have any legs…its like floating…Freak!!!! And after that I sort of like see it jumping down from the sky garden.

As it was pretty late and being a rational man, I refuse to believe anything about the supernatural and stuffs, I immediately went to the guardroom and asked if any guards were on patrol during that period and if they see anything. This really takes the cake, the security guard there was like not the least surprise and sort of like tell me that this is not the first time that someone had sighted this and told them about this. But I was the first one who told them that the figure jump off the sky garden, usually it was sighted to be floating and sort of like just disappear or fade away.

Suddenly events seems to jog my memories, I remember one day at the gym a fellow gym goer was commenting to me that the turnover for residents in Blue Horizon was very fast, like people seem to be moving in and out very fast, I told them that its cause landlords are increasing their prices and thus tenants are moving out fast. But he refuted me saying that, true tenants are moving out, but a lot of owners are moving out also. Quite a number of owners that he knew in his tower are moving out already….

Even after all these incidents I still refuse to believe in all these supernatural stuffs and shunks till one night my wife and I woke up to a very loud noise of banging and shattering of noise inside our wardrobe. Its like something heavy or couple of huge planks were falling from inside my cupboard and knocking on the doors of wardrobe At this juncture I straight away know its not only me who was imagining things but its like my wife also heard it and my girl also heard it cause she was also woken by the noise.

Immediately I terminate our tenure and got ourselves another place. The agent and owner was more surprised more than anything else as rental in Singapore are rising throughout and here we terminating our tenure.

Anyway the above is just the side of my story it seems my wife also had some supernatural experiences which she only shared with me recently after we got the new place.

She was telling me on a particular late night while chatting on skype with her folks back home, she felt a hug or a touch like someone hugging or touching her. Its like a loved one giving you a loving hug which gives you a lot of assurance and love, and for a while she was enjoying the hug, however in the next instant the hug became a squeeze and its like some force is tugging her tightly and like suffocating her. She began to struggle and was like almost in tears and just as sudden as the hug came, the hug disappeared.

The next incident happen some time thereafter when on a night, as she was having a drink in the kitchen, she heard a soft voice like someone calling her by her pet name, a name known only to me and her close family members. As I was overseas at that time she knew it couldn’t be me, and all of a sudden she have this feeling that someone was watching her but when she turn around there was like nobody.

She also mentioned to me that on a couple of nights, she would also be waken to a snore (just like me on the first incident) but just when she woke up, the snore was no more but when she turn over to look at me, I would be clenching my fists while sleeping and seems to be in anger during my sleep and was frowning and seems to fighting someone in my sleep. On a particular night, she could hear me mumming me like “kill” or something like that, it was a sight that she could not recognise me to be in, its like I was like another person.

Of course by now after reading all these, some of you may had ask why she only told me all these after such a long time, which is the question I posed her.

Firstly she said, she knew I was a rational man and that most prob I would not have believe her and secondly, she really like the unit and she always like to put down what she’s going through as her imagination.

However it seems that the above are just some incidents only, it seems she has some more which she had not told me. And also my daughter also seems to have something to say, once we move into the new place, she say something” papa in old place, vivi saw this…”

Anyway think I better stop for now, else would be accused of rumour mongering.

What I had mentioned are just some supernatural and eerie incidents at Blue Horizon, like I said my wife had some more and now as I look back, I thought I also came across something which cannot be explained.

And now I definitely believe in things which cannot be explain by science and now when my ex-neighbours in Blue Horizon (yes I got to know quite a number of neighbours there and still keep in touch with them) told me about something, I listen intently.

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