The Revenge

This is a true story. Mr Vincent Tan was a successful contractor. However he too was a dishonest and unscrupulous man who would cheat his sub-contractor. He had always boast that his success was because his father was buried in a good Fengshui ground.

Vincent saw that the economy was heading for a recession. So he took on a large project to keep his company going while others will be thirsty for jobs during that period. He would then offer the jobs at a very low price to his subcontractors. He was a bad paymaster and forced them to take on his other projects otherwise he will not pay them promptly.

Ah How was one such subcontractor. In order to get his payment back, he took on Vincent other jobs. But this in turn cause him to be owed even more money by Vincent. As Vincent didn’t pay him his due, Ah How was unable to pay his workers and his suppliers. Ah How was finally forced to be bankrupt by his suppliers and his company folded. Vincent was of course very happy as he need not pay Ah How for all his work anymore and he had made a bigger profit without any effort. Ah How promised revenge and Vincent laughed him off.

A year passed and Vincent’s business started to turn bad. His family was not at peace. His wife would often quarrel with him and his son was involved in bad companies. His daughter would often fall sick and claimed that she was seeing things at home. Soon Vincent’s daughter became too sick and passed away. Vincent was at wits end.

Finally, Vincent went on to seek an advice from a medium and the medium told him that his father’s grave was being disturbed. Vincent rushed to his father’s burial ground but could not see anything wrong. So he went back to the medium for advice. The medium was very certain that the father’s burial ground was disturbed and advise him to “open” up his father grave.

When Vincent finally dug up his father’s grave, he found that was another coffin on top of his father’s coffin. Vincent’s father grave was thus disturbed and his family was thus affected. Vincent removed that coffin and reburied his fathers but all was too late as the Fengshui had been broken. Vincent’s business failed and he had to resort to borrowing to keep going. That lead to loansharks going after him for blood. You can guess who did it…

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