BMT In Tekong

When i was doing my BMT in Pulau Tekong, on the first few nights i had trouble sleeping and i was really missing home. Though the old camp 3 at Tekong(SISPEC now) is really spooky i must say. Heard of a few rumours but never gave it much thought at first since i was missing home more than anything else.

Soon after a few weeks later, we started our sentry guard duty which is on a rotation basis. There was this night when i heard one of my bunk mate got possessed in the guard house. He spoke of something we know he was not capable of. He was speaking Cantonese as informed by my other pals. Tekong is very very common for such possessions of spirits.

That did not really freaked me out so much but one day,while it was raining and as i was doing my duty as a guard, i tripped on something which i thought at first resembled an arm. It was a piece of wood but heck for a moment it looked like a rotten arm to me. Anyway i kicked it aside and what happened in the next few days was really spooky. My ankle suddenly became swollen for no reason. I went to report sick and was on Attend C for a couple of days and yet the pain and swollen did not subside. I then remember that incident at the guard house and i told my mum. My mum then went to consult a spirit doctor and she perform some rituals for me and said i had offended something few days back. Amazingly after that night, the pain subsided and I was feeling like normal the next day. As spooky as it gets, i return to camp and spoke to my instructors about it and they claimed I should never kick anything at night for any reason. I guess i learnt my lesson on this occasion.

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