Pulau Sudong

I was posted to Pulau Sudong as a RP. Pulau Sudong is a ghost town whereby only 4 RPs were required to be on duty at any one time together with 4 firemans. As i was nearing my ORD date, i can be considered one of the old bird among the prowlers. As such i was often given lesser duty as the younger birds would take more. There was this occasion when i was resting inside the rest room which was technically an empty room save for a lousy mattress. I remembered waking up in the middle of the night feeling cold and chilling. I look outside which was directly facing the ops room where the guys were playing PS2. But suddenly i found myself unable to move when i tried to change my sleeping position from lying flat to sideway position. I tried very hard but can’t. I felt like something was pressing on me i was going to shout only to realise i can’t! As a religious person i tried to chan some sutras in my heart and slowly i regained my movement. I turned then tried to stood up and at the corner of my eyes, saw a shadow dashing out of the room.

I then quickly went out and my mates upon seeing me looking pale asked me whats wrong and i told them the incident. They went quiet and. The next day we spoke to our PC about it and he told us it wasn’t the first time he heard about someone being pressed in the rest room. From that day onwards, no one ever dare sleep in that room again.

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