Signaller Camp

This is a story told by my RSM at Stagmont camp. The famous story about the building near the guardhouse had been around for years and yet no one seems to know the history of it. But my RSM being in the army for a while had told me of one occurrence during the time when that building was still in use.

He was the duty COS then and on that particular night, he realised the lights on the 6th floor was not switch off. So he proceed to the 6th floor and the time was somewhere between 2 and 3am. As he was a free thinker, he did not worry about seeing anything supernatural.

When he reached the 6th floor, he found out the lights had been switched off. So as he was about to make his way down the staircase, he suddenly saw someone in the far corridor moving towards him quickly.

He waited for a while to see who was it, but the darkness was not helping so he squinted his eyes and suddenly the figure shouted “HALT”! My RSM stood still and waited thinking it might be one of the prowlers. But as that figure move nearer, he saw something he wasn’t really ready to see. He saw a guy wearing a red sash( the type similar to what BOS wears) except that it was on an ancient SAF uniform which was probably from the 60s. He ran for his left down the staircase and swear he would never go up to that building alone again.

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