Stagmont Camp

After my BMT, i was posted to School of Signalers which is the Stagmont Camp. The year was 1997. I was to attend the Basic Signaller Course there. For those who had stayed in that camp, i believe you would had heard of stories about the building beside the guardhouse. My platoon was warned about going into that building especially at night. It was rumoured that the padlocks used in the buildings were held together using chains and with talisman on top of every single lock. A few of my platoon mates were not superstitious about such thing and infact very curious, so they went up the building on night and came back with some stories.

According to them, there were indeed talisman on every padlock which were used to lock the bunks. From the windows, they could see the bunks were completely empty, not even a single furniture is inside. So nothing much happened in the building. But what they did not expect was something happening to them at night. As we were having breakfast the next morning, one guy was asked what was the commotion in the middle of the night as he was asleep he heard a someone wake up in the middle of the night and was talking in hokkein very loud with another guy. But the thing was nobody woke up in the night and nobody even heard anything. An uneasy silence fell over the table and the conversation ends there.

We then went out for outfield training and as we returned, we count our stores and found one manpack signal set missing. This was suppose to be an exercise involves with vehicular sets so the manpack sets should not have been used. The PS and PC ordered the entire platoon to comb the area where we had our exercise and after few hours, we return empty handed. We were then instructed to change to PT kit attire as they were going to punish us for the incident. But as we entered the bunk, when we unlock it and swing open the door, the first few guys frozed upon entering. There it was the manpack set on one of the bed. It was the bed of one of the guys who went up the building the night before. No one had entered the bunk since the morning so it was no way anyone could had brought it up to the bunk, more so the key was with the bunk IC throughout the whole training.

We brought the set down and told our PC about this incident. He went quiet and granted us a night off to book out to get some joss papers and joss sticks to make offerings to the strange force. When we returned, we setup a table at a training shed and made offerings to the unknown as instructed. To this day this spooky story were told to every trainees who were posted there on the very first day.

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