Bukit Batok Little Guilin

Everybody been to little guilin should know guilin vew condo located right infront of little guilin, its a great view but to feng sui is a bad bad view…I stay here for almost 10yrs, alot of things happen in my house, okie i will just say one of the happening in my house, it happen 9yrs ago when i just move in, when i came out of my room i gotta walk pass my bro toilet mirror, I saw sometime i will never forget, its reflect my bro room door and there standing a very tall dark shadow behind the door i can only see half of it, i thought it was my bro, so i turn around but nobody was there and the scariest part is when i turn to look into the mirror again and found that the mirror only reflect to the wall not directly to his room, so its impossible for me to see his door from the mirror, do u find it weird? But anyway i am not scare now cause they never really harm me so I just take it that they borrow my house for a party..cause i have used to it, i have seen too many of “them”, believe it or not you choose~

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