Camp In Pulau Ubin

Ghost. Pontianak. Vampire. These are all stories that I have heard many, many times and by a lot of people. To believe or not to believe. That is the question I always asked myself everytime someone told me of their frightening experience. Does these evil spirits really exists? Well, I was not sure whether I should share my experience with you as I took a very long time to get over this incident. But I guess, for those of you out there who do not believe, will change your mind after reading my encounter.

When I was in college, I was a cadet inspector in the NPCC. I was with a group of cadets in a camp in Pulau Ubin.

That night, it started to rain heavily. So, all our activities for the night which includes a campfire sing-a-long session was cancelled. Instead, the cadets insisted on having a ghost story session to commemorate the cold and rainy night. I just sat down in the corner and listened to their stories. I smiled to myself when I saw that they are hanging on to every word to the story that was being told by one of the inspectors. “Kids!” I said to myself. “They are so naive. Believing in these kind of stories!”

A while later, I felt the urge to go to the toilet and slipped out quietly from the group. As the toilet was about a few metres away, I had to run in the rain. Upon reaching the toilet, I was panting for breath when suddenly all the hair in my neck starts to rise in fear. I told myself sternly that there was nothing to be afraid of even though there was no one else in the toilet and the atmosphere was dark and eerie.

I was just about to relieve myself when I heard water being splashed around. Then the strong jasmine fragrant make me sick. The smell was very, vsery strong. I got curious. And then I heard someone hummimg to herself. I panicked. I was certain that I was in the toilet alone. I was terrified but my curiosity got the better of me. I went from one cubicle to the next and that’s when I saw her!

Her back was facing me. She was wearing a long white gown and she had very long and coarse hair. She was humming and just standing staring at the wall. Gathering all of my courage, I called out to her. “Excuse me. Where did you come from? This toilet is only for the use of the NPCC cadets.”

She ignored me and continued standing and staring at the wall. I called her again and on the third time, she turned slowly. I gulped and felt weak in my knees when she finally turned. We were staring at each other for a full minute. I was too stunned to move and she was obviously enjoying the moment. What I could not comprehend was her face. Her eyes were bloodshot red. Underneath her eyes, were black circles, like she has applied eyeliner, only it was in excess. Her smile revealed long and sharp teeth. She cocked her head to her left and right, left and right. She was very, very ugly. Her skins were peeling and decaying. There were maggots crawling on her face.

Then she came towards me. I tried to backed away or scream but I was rooted to the floor. She came to me with an outstretched arms with her long fingernails. That’s when I realise that she was actually floating towards me. She had no legs!!! I could actually felt her cold hand encircling my neck. I was frozen with fear and tears started streaming down my cheeks. I could not run. Her face was a few inches away from me and I could smell her. She smelt like a decayed animal or something and it was so strong that I felt nauseous. She stared me right in the eye, and she started her shrivelling and high pitched laughter. I blacked out.

When I regained my consciousness, I found myself lying on the toilet floor and the other campers surrounding me. They carried me back to my camp and asked me what happened. I could not bring myself to tell them as I was too afarid to describe what I have seen.

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