Can You See It

This story happened not to me but to my friend and I’m just re-stating what really had happened…

There was this day when Joyce went shopping in a particular shopping centre with her friend. Both of them had a heavy lunch and it wasn’t long before they felt like going to the toilet. Both of them headed straight for the cubicles as they are really urgent and my friend Joyce was the first one to emerged from her cubicle. She proceeded on to washing her hand and applying her make-up on her face when she realised that someone was standing right behind her watching her every move. She turned around and saw a pretty lady in white smiling at her and out of courtesy, she smiled back. She assumed that nothing’s abnormal and hence continue on to what she was doing but one thing she doesn’t understand is that why is that lady still looking at her.

After a while, her friend emerged from the cubicle and was washing her hands when Joyce casually told her about the lady who was still standing there looking at her. What joyce didn’t expect was her friend’s reply “I didn’t see anyone else except the 2 of Us”.. Joyce thought that her friend was joking and proceed on asking again but her friend still insist that she couldn’t see anyone. Joyce looked up into the mirror and stll saw the woman there and suddenly, the hairs on her back stands. She realised that she was seeing and had talked to something that she wasn’t supposed to see. Her friend upon seeing her reaction grabbed her hands and dashed out of the toilet. Then her friend confront her whether she was not joking just now but when Joyce said no, both of them begin to thanked God that the “Lady” wasn’t out to harm them.

Maybe……”The Lady” was just checking out her make-up skills…….

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