Dead Man Buying Slurpee

Hi everyone i’m jack and i work at the 7-eleven store midnight shift.

Once i was doing the night shift and my partner told me he would like to go outside smoke a while. As there was no customers this late i told him to come back in 10 minutes. While waiting, i took out my Manchester United magazine and started reading. As i was tearing out the Ryan Giggs poster, i heard the chime of the door sensor and saw this man dress in a black t-shirt and black cap enter. He proceeded to the Slurpee machine and i carried on with my magazine not wanting to bother him although i wandered why he wanted a slurpeee this late. I heard the familiar sound of the machine vibrating as he pulled the valve. Suddenly i heard a splash and thought he must have spilled the drink. Damn clumsy i thought and i thought of the mess i had to clean up.

As i left the counter to check it out i saw that the man had gone! I peered over the shelves and tried to pick him out but he was nowhere to be seen!!! I wondered how he could have possibly just disappear. As i made my way back to the counter, i heard the door chime ring even though there was no one AT ALL. THE DOOR did not even open!! I returned to the machine and to my amazement, there was no spillage!! I was so scared, i almost urine in my pants…….Dont laugh……

Then my partner came back. I tried to tell him but he told me that i “screw lose”…..That idiot. Was i seeing things of was it really a dead man buying a drink ? I never allowed my partner to go for a smoke again………….

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