Baby’s Voice

I was once working as a deejay for SBC(now…..RCS), to be exact as Radio announcer in Malay section(now…Warna 94.2FM). I have encountered many strange things happened during my duties in the studios(most of them are located in the basement of the radio building……….It is underground I should say. The story is like this……..

One night(as I was working night shift), there were nobody’s around. Inside the studio (we call it ‘conti’ the shortform of continuity) was so so cold. I was on duty alone that night. Suddenly, I felt too cold( it’s not due to the aircon)…….I felt somebody or someone was blowing behind my back. I was so scared…that I have to start packing my things. It was 11.30 pm before my duty ends at 12.00 midnight. So I packed all the *records and tapes that had been used for broadcasting that night. (The *records are the songs album….the old type one…… we are using CDS). But without my expectation, once I oppened the door(one of the cupboards to keep all the records and tapes)…suddenly…WHOAA!!!!!!!I felt the wind was blowing very very cold..and I could smell nice fragrance like perfume. I heard a baby’s voice called out loud..MAK!MAK!MAK!(mother). I was so shocked that I ran out of the conti…like, I don’t know how to explain it…imagine, a baby’s voice calling you mother! ..I was shivering all the way back home.

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