Cat Meowing

This happened to me not too long ago. During that period of time, my PC was situated in my living room. As it was during my post O-levels exams, i was always dwelling on the PC until late at night. Anyway there was this freaky night…Most of the time, my cat wld love to be arnd me when i play the PC at night. Sometimes when hes hungry, he wld meow to me until i give him something to eat.

and when i dont, he will then procced to his aluminium eating plate and push it arnd…

Theres was this night where the cat food was empty and my cat was frantically asking for food.

since i had no food to give him, he proceeded to push his plate at the kitchen resulting in this annyoing sound at the kitchen. It was getting pretty noisy and so i went to the kitchen and ask him to stop…he gave me that annoyed look and he stopped…i went back to my pc and 10 minutes later, the sound started again. annoyed at my cat, i shouted at him to stop. but the sound got louder and just as i was about to get up and give him a scolding at the kitchen, i was dead-shocked.

my cat was fast asleep at the living room….what was moving the plate at the kitchen then? not wanting to find out, i dash to my bedroom and i forced myself to sleep…

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