Face On Window

When did this incident happen, i do not really know as it was told by a friend of mine. It happened when a property agent actually brought a rich woman to look for a comfortable home as she migrate into Singapore just recently. She wanted something big like those semi-detached houses.

It was raining quite heavily outside and so the agent and the woman decided to stay in the house longer while the agent tried to show her around to the rooms. The house was decorated in a very old manner with all the wooden chairs and tables and there are actually cracks on the wall. However, the price was very cheap and it actually created suspicions. After showing her around, the agent brought her to the living room and started discussing the issues regarding the purchase of the house. The woman was listening attentively until she noticed something on the window. It looks like a man..sticking himself to the window pane and it spook the woman badly. Why would any man stand outside the house peeking while it was raining heavily outside. She try to take a better look and realise that she could not see any part of the head, just the face…flat sticking to the glass window. Shock and confused, the woman actually ran out of the house regardless of the rain.

The previous owner of the house moved out because of the face incident too. Everytime it rains, the face will appear and that explains why the owner is willing to let the house go at a low price.

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