Changi Hospital Trip

I’ve a friend who lived in this house near The Pines. I think most of you would have seen that house before, it was filled with sculptures/Buddha in the garden. Recently, it’s been torn down and rebuilt into a condo…

Anyway, this friend went to old Changi Hospital to stake out with his friend till past midnight. He said he didn’t see anything but he couldn’t go into one particular room because he kept feeling nausea whenever he tried to go in.

After he got home, the strangest thing happened (he swore it happened even though he knew we wouldn’t believe it!)….his mom and bro were out of the country, which left the him home alone. The maid lived in a nearby cottage. While he was on the bed playing the GAMEBOY, he heard strange noises coming from under his bed. Following which, the bed started rocking violently. He freaked out and wanted to run to get the maid but the moment he opened the main door, it started pouring! So he ran back into the house, turned on all the lights, screamed for the maid (plus all kinds of vulgarities).

Minutes later, the maid who heard him screaming came to the house. When he told her what happened, she asked him why he didn’t just run to her house. He told her it was pouring cats and dogs when he opened the door, the maid said “BUT IT DIDN’T RAIN THE WHOLE DAY!!!”

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