Changi Hospital

One time when i went to OCH(old changi hospital), it was my first time there. So, i saw nothing. Then on my 4th time there, i was walking as per normal and i was walking with my boyfriend and the others. Then i think i was on the 2nd or 3rd level where the dark room was and when i was walking, i saw some one ‘peeping’ at us and i turn back to look and i saw a man in his late twenties peeping at us. And then he hide. Then i just kept quiet. Untill at the 4th floor, i think, my friends went to the roof top and then i call them to get out of the OCH(old changi hospital) and they ask me why. Then i told them what i saw. Then they thought that in the morning, there is no ghost but there is and then when we went back to Tampines Soccer court at 936 i think. I was ok at that time but when it soon became dark, my friend got into trouble. This is what we call ‘bad luck’ and then they all went back home and left a few of them there.

And then i feel giddy so i rest for a while. Then they say they want to go to another place so i stand up but my legs are so weak that i have to hold on to 2 people to walk. Then my ‘bad luck’came. Everything is ‘bad luck’. They say that the ghost that i saw earlier in OCH(old changi hospital) followed me. Untill now, i still have bad luck. Maybe the ghost is still following me.

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