OCH Scary

My story happened during the Hungry Ghost Festival. It is a fine afternoon. My friends and i always met in the afternoon. After chit-chating away, my friend H, decided to visit OCH. All of us agreed. We went home and get our torchlight and all needed items and we met back. We take a bus there and the 4 of us reached there about 5.15pm. Although it was in the early evening, the old hospital looks spooky. Some parts also seems even darker but luckily we brought our torch light along.

1 of my friend was finding the pentagram room but we couldn’t find it. We roamed about an hour but found nothing. Then H decided to go to the roof. All of us followed him. The weather was fine at that time we were going to climb the stair to the roof. Upon reaching the roof, the spooky part started. When all of us were up there, it started raining cats and dogs. We dashed down the stair and get out of that place at once because i sense something’s not right. Upon reaching the ground floor, the rain stopped, there was a scent of medicine and all of us kept quiet and walk quickly to board a bus back home.

In the bus, we speaks up one by one what an individual experiences. I found out that 1 of my friend saw a knob of a door turning by itself as if someone trying to come out of the room. It was the time when the scent of medicine appeared. Until now, we could’nt figure out why it was raining heavily when we are at the roof and it stopped suddenly once we are out of the building.

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