Changi Hospital

Last night my friends and I decided to go to old changi hospital to check it out. .We arrived there at about 7 something seeing the errie stairs. Then weather was quite cooling, we on our torch and went to the mortuary, nothing was unusual. Then we went to one of the blocks. We started to see whether there was anyone? Then we proceed up to the rooftop. First we went up the first floor, I was sweating as our group was small and I was not very brave. We proceed floor by floor with precaution. Then we heard broken glasses and bottles being thrown to walls on the first floor. We ran and see and guess what?? You never expect some stupid boys throwing to scare us off. . we scolded them. .f*******!!@#$%^&* you. They ran…opps censored. . .

Then we continued till the floor where we need to climb a stairs and go to the rooftop when we heard some footsteps. . . We all scare lah.. Then we walk with one torchlight infront, by the side and behind. We all said our opinion of ours as whether it was water droping from the sky or footsteps? We were confused then we ran down stairs. . . Bascially there’s no ghost. . I know you readers will say: You never explored the whole buliding how you know got ghost a not? This i were be back again to tell you all. . .

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