Charlie Coy(1999)

I had my BMT in the new Tekong camp. While it was, thankfully, uneventful, I had come across 2 incidences during my time there..

As per topic, I was in Charlie company. Originally, during my PTP phase, I was in Delta, but after the PTP, we were transferred to Charlie to start our BMT.

Anyway, the weird incident which happened to me, was during one of the nights, when everyone was asleep, myself included, I woke up feeling very cold (as my bed was under the fan). As I groped around for the blanket, I was curious that all I could feel was the mosquito net. I opened my eyes and realized that I was sleeping on top of the net, with the net still tucked in tightly. How that happened, I do not know, as I am not the sleepwalking type, nor did my bunk mates carry out a prank (as I would have woken up if they attempted to carry me)

2nd incident was slightly more scary, though I did not know it then. We were out for our field camp and was camped on some hill (can’t recall the name now). Sometime during the early night, around 8-9pm, it started to rain pretty heavily, and we were ordered to run down the hill to seek shelter at the old Tekong camp. Once we all made it done, we were ushered into the old dark medical center (which still smelled like a hospital) and told to just rest and wait out the rain. Soon, as time passed, most of us dozed off and it was dark and cold.. Close to midnight, the entire bunch of us was quickly woken up by the 3SG and PCs and told to assemble in the verandahs outside.. Sleepily, all of us complied.

Once outside, we were instructed that anyone needing to take a piss was required to go with a buddy, and to remain within sight of the verandah. We then spent the night sleeping in the verandah, and next morning, went back to our campsite.

Days later, I found out that someone woke up and smelled the scent of frangipani in the medical center.

It was during this time, that BMTC school was blessed, and if i recall correctly, by the 8 major religions in Singapore

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