Ghost At Amoy Quee

I was a former NCC cadet and cadet officer before I graduated from Polytechnic. Our NCC HQ is located somewhere in Ang Mo Kio. When you talk about army camps, there’s definitely, no doubt, scary stories about the place. This story was told by my platoon commander for my cadet officer course.

Back in 2005, I had a training camp for one week in Amoy Quee Camp at our NCC HQ. One of the activities that we had was Flying Fox. We had to take off from a 4 storey platform and when we reach below, the instructors will get us down from a 1-2m high trolley.

That night, while we, the cadet trainees were sleeping, some of the cadet officers decided to do some exploration of the NCC HQ. Their point of target is an abandon 2-storey block behind the multipurpose hall [MPH] which also situated beside the basket ball court. That block has been abandon even before I first stepped into NCC HQ as a regular cadet back in 2002.

To get to the block, the instructors have to walk by the main canteen and parade ground and also pass by the Flying Fox area which is side by side with the MPH. As it was almost midnight and most of the people are asleep already, that area usually has nobody there and also any lights around.

They reached the main door of the block which for some reason it wasn’t locked but only latched. They entered the rooms at the first floor before proceeding to the second floor. The rooms are actually empty and there isn’t any furniture or things lying around. As they were climbing the stairs to the second floor, my platoon commander felt strange. She felt as in they’ve been watched by something. They soon reached at the door of the first room on the second floor. All the male cadet officers entered the room with ease but for my platoon commander, she can’t even enter. She felt as if her legs were rooted to the ground. After a while of exploring, they decided to go back as they claim that they couldn’t see anything and practically all the rooms are empty. But as they were moving off from the first room to the staircase, at the corner of my platoon commander’s eyes, she saw something standing in the room. She just ignored it and all of the cadet officers walked back to the main block where our bunks were at.

The route there is to pass by the MPH and the canteen and parade ground. When they passed by the MPH, one of the male cadet officers decided to use his phone to take a picture of the flying fox. After that while they were looking at the picture taken, they spot a white figure on top of the flying fox platform. But when he was taking it, there wasn’t anyone on top of the platform at all. Shocked, they quickly walk back to the bunks.

Reaching the bunks, my platoon commander entered her bunk which was also shared with all the other female cadet officers.

All the bunks in NCC HQ is arranged as all the double decked bed are placed at the left and right side of the bunk and all the metal cupboards are placed at the center of the bunk which made the bunk look like it has two sections.

My platoon commander slept in the right section. During that time when all the cadet officers return back to their bunks, they intend to go for a bath. As the other female cadet officers had taken their toiletries, they left the room. My platoon commander was left alone in the bunk.

While she was taking out her things from her bag, she heard someone enter the bunk but walk to the left section and that person also opened one of the metal cupboards. She then strike up a conversation with the person asking if everyone have taken a bath. But that person didn’t reply.

Feeling quite creeped out, she exited the bunk and during that time, another female cadet officer had just exited the toilet and was going to enter the bunk. So then, she asked the other officer if everyone had finished bathing. She was shocked when the other officer replied that the others are still bathing and she was the first person to get out of the toilet.

So my platoon commander just kept silent.

The next morning, we had a second round of Flying Fox training. Suddenly, one of the instructors asked the cadet officers if they have seen the trolley used to bring the cadets down after they finished zipping down the flying fox. They all answered no. Then the instructors continued saying that he actually put the trolley at the end of the flying fox line after the last platoon finished their flying fox training. But now it is not there. So he asked the cadet officers to search for the trolley.

After searching the whole morning, it was now time for lunch. So we all headed to the canteen. At that time, the cadet officers who were told to search the trolley meet up the instructor. The instructor then told them don’t need to look for the trolley already cause he have found it. Out of curiosity they ask him where he found it. What shocked them was he found it in the abandon block and the trolley was found folded.

Suddenly they start to think whether it was the white figure which they captured in the picture last night was the one who hid the trolley. For my platoon commander, she start to think whether the figure on the flying fox last night was the same figure she saw in the first room at the second floor of that abandon block. She also starts to think whether the figure actually followed them back to the bunks and that the unknown person who she was talking too in the bunk was actually that thing.

But from what I know, since I have a friend who had a third eye, he claims that he usually see a white figure of a lady roaming around NCC HQ. He also claimed that he saw it often roaming around the girls bunk block.

There was also a story that goes around saying that one of the girl’s bunk is haunted saying that if you noticed the mirrors in the cabinets, some of the frame is wooden and one of the wooden framed mirrors actually had cracked. It was said that there used to be an incident where the girls who used to sleep in the bunk was disturbed by a spirit and thus they called a medium to exorcist the room. With that he asks the NCC HQ in-charge to place wooden frame all over the mirrors in all the cupboards in the bunk. Some believed that the spirit is the white lady.

But throughout my service in NCC especially during camp days, I didn’t experience any strange encounter but I had friends around me who did. The only experience I had is I can’t sleep well every night if I sleep in the bunks and somehow I could feel these spirits presence around. And i do believe they exist.

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