Tekong Possession

I was doing my BMT on Tekong at Gryphon Coy in 1994. One night, after we finished our night snack and shower, we were at our bunk when one of our platoon mates starting yelling in a very low scary voice about about someone ‘stepping on his grave’. He then went berserk. Now our platoon was doing the obese 5 month BMT and this guy was comparatively smaller then everyone else and yet when a few of us tried to hold him down, he just threw everyone aside like rag dolls. 80,90, 100+ kilo rag dolls. In the end, the MO came and gave him an injection sedative and it was off to sickbay for him. When he got back in a couple of days, he says he couldn’t remember what happened.

Our OC gave us a talk about ‘stress’ and all that but there was just no way stress could cause a person to change his voice like that nor give him the strength to throw around a few giant sized guys like nothing.

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