Chung Cheng High

Hi. I’m an ex-student from chung cheng high school. During my secondary one days, I was curious of that school as i had heard lots of stories behind each block of building. They say the old auditorium, currently called the admin block, had the most scariest and horrifying stories.

Some teachers, who had been teaching there for more den 10 years, told me that at the back stage of the old audi, there is a very old and dusty piano which the school do not dare to throw it away. They told us the reason is that it was left down by Mr Zhung Chu ling, founder of the school, and would want to leave it behind for memorance. However, this is not true. The teachers told me that the school was just covering up for the haunted piano with stories as it scared that parents would be scared to let their child to enroll in it. And i had seen and fingered with the piano itself. It was really old and filthy. And there will always be a chair in front of it.

A group of my friends went to explore the area, that time i was sleeping during recess, and one of the girl seem to be possessed by a girl in red dress, the ‘pianist’ that was haunting the piano, and she ran and shout hysterically at the back stage. The back stage was huge and there were alot of filthy and vacant rooms linking to each other, like a maze. She ran in one of the rooms and was lost in her screeching voice. The rest of her friends went to look for her, and found her easily sitting behind a door of the 3rd room. She was staring blankly and her eyes were red. One of them told me that she suddenly stood up and pointed behind her back, and said,:”She was behind you.” and nobody was behind her, as she was the last person. After that, she ran out of the back stage, as if she know the place very well, and fainted at the steps at the main stage. However, luckily enough, she woke up when recess was over, and she seem to have been asleep, not knowing what had happen just now.

After this incident, she was on high fever for 2 weeks, 2 terrible weeks. When we went to visit her in her house, she was screaming on top of her voice with blood shot eyes. Her mother was told to tie her up on her bed as she would anyhow throw things. Her mother was griefing very sadly as though moaning for her. But during the 2nd week, she look better and the ropes on her hand and legs were released. But when we went to visit her again, she could not talk as she had lost her voice, probably due to the shouting and screaming.

But, heard from her mother, she suddenly sleep for 3 full days and woke up the next morning in great mood and looked refreshed. And she got her voice back too. Well.. we were indeed, very happy for her and when she was back in school, she could not remember anything about the incident and the time when she was bedridden. She told us it was like a long sleep, like was revived from death. Haha.

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