Chung Cheng’s Lake Mystery

Have you ever heard of Chung Cheng High School’s beautiful and picturesque lake? Oh yeah… it is indeed famous, but, underneath it, was a tunnel, which led to a room. And during the japanese occupation, it was the torture room. And until today, though the tunnel was destroyed, you may still see the big hole in the lake at night, when the water is clear, when the fountains are closed. I saw it, during my Npcc camp in school. It was a terrifying view. I seem to hear faint groans and eerie laughter in the still night, from the clear lake. And i saw this big dark hole in the lake. I thought my eyes were playing me, but when i ask my friend to look at the lake, he also saw it, but he could not hear the faint noice coming out from it.

I ask him where the big hole led to, and he said, it led to the Old audi’s basement. And that basement was locked and had chains and locked on the door. When we went back to our rooms (our classrooms) we saw an old attendant, and we normally call him uncle Lee. He was currently the oldest attendant serving for the school. And we had heard lots of stories from him. And we relate to him of our experience, and he said, “I sometimes also saw the hole also, and i went to the old audi’s basement to take a look, and i heard the groans more clearly” We were awed by his courage and ask him have he ever saw ghosts before. He said “yalah, few years ago, when students like you all camp in school, i had to look after you all, and that time i was not so “wu ji” (got guts) but i tried to explore with them the old audi, then, he said with a laugh, it was terrible…” and the smile from his face faded.

After that, he went back to his room and told us not to think too much and sleep.

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