Cinema’s Toilet

Last Thursday, I went to watch a horror movie with my friends. It was a midnight show. The title of the show is “303”. The show starts when we came in. We are late for 10 mins. It was about a college, there have been a murder in the school. There’s five junior college boys, after knowing that somebody had been murder. We felt so scared. It was so thrilling. We shiver down the spine. The show is 2 1/2 hour. It ends at about 2.35 am. After the show ends, we decided to go to the toilet. It was quite dark at that moment, the person left in the toilet is me and my friend. We started to hear something weird. We heard a lady laughing and crying all the way.

We hugged each other. We tried to open the door but it was locked, we shouted for help. While we were there, we still hear the voice. About 5 minutes later, suddenly the voice stopped and the door opened. We dashed out from the toilet. We are so lucky that nothing terrible happened. That’s all folkz Selamatz !!!

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